Friday, 23 January 2015

Egg fried

Our experienced livehood at Tokyo, unforgettable  moments ...
We missed everything about it...

That's why, Japanese food still be our favorite of all...

Here in Malaysia , we found some new menu of Japanese food, and delicious
Easy to make..
They called it golden ball

You just need
1. Boiled eggs
2. Raw eggs mixed well
3. Breadcrumbs
4. Oil for fried
5. Kamisama
6. Mayonais e

How to makes
Rolled boiled eggs into mixed eggs, than rolled it into breadcrumbs. Repeated this proceses many time until you get thickness as you desired, ended it with breadcrumbs.
Sometimes, to get firm textured I keep it in the refrigerator for few minutes .
Than, deep fried the eggs in to hot oil until golden and crisp.
Divided into two , sprinkle some kanisama and beautifully spray it with mayonnaise, than served... It's so easy.
In here, one of the Japanese restaurant, has sold this menu for 4 rm , just for one eggs..
Unbelievable right? Yeahhhh....

So just try it, and itadakimasu....

Thursday, 22 January 2015


Makanan kesukaan sebagian besar kaum hawa ada lah bakso ♥
Terutama di Indonesia....
Bakso ini khas dan very famous because of it's special tastes

Honestly, im still searching the best recipe formula for best bakso...
At least, this time I want to write some keynote for success bakso from blogging and my own experienced:
1. Best to use the fried shallots and garlics, it can avoid bitter tasted. Best composition is one to one, and fried the whole onion, not sliced.
2. Added chicken meat to beef bakso (chicken thigh is recommended) to enhanced the tastes, still beef meat (beef thigh recomended as well) is the main ingredient.
3. Tapioca flour is about 15% from all weight of raw meat bakso, for me it was the best composition to get bounced yet soft bakso.
4. Added white egg for 500gr raw meat bakso
5. Crushed ice cubes and mixed in to the food processor while processing the raw meat for about  5-10 minutes to get a better texture.
6.Boiled bakso with some raw gralics, and salt .

This is my sharing.. Hope it can help...

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Dendeng Batokok

Cerita nya, manten anyar di rantau negeri sakura...
Masih adaptasi berdua aja...
Ingin memberikan yang terbaik untuk suami
Hingga nyasar ke batokok ini

Gak pernah kebayang akan bisa masak dendeng batokok, Wong saya jawa aseli...
Alhamdulillah, Akhirnya utak atik, nemu deh resep ini... Jadi saya namakan ala Utama Family

, 23 January 2009

Dendeng Batokok (Utama`s Family)

250gram daging
700  ml air or secukupnya


1 sdm ketumbar
5 siung bawang putih
1 cm jahe
2 sdt garam
1/2 sdt lengkuas
1 sdm jeruk nipis


300gram cabai hijau
10 siung bawang merah
5 buah tomat hijau ,  saya ake tomat merah)
6 sdm minyak goreng
50 ml kaldu (sisa rebusan daging)
1 sdm air jeruk nipis

Cara Membuat:
Rebus daging bersama bumbu halus hingga lunak, angkat dan diiris 1 cm, kemudian dipukul-pukul kemudian panggang/goreng hingga kering
Sambal: pukul atau penyet-penyet cabe dan bawang merah hingga pipih. Tumis cabai hijau, masukkan bawang merah, masukkan kaldu, masukkkan tomat dan masukkan air jeruk nipis
Cara Penyajian: sajikan dendeng pada piring, siram sambal diatas daging tersebut...
Selamat makan